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A few years ago, I fell ill and couldn’t continue in my day-to-day businesses. I sat on the rear deck of my family home one day and prayed, “What am going to do with the rest of my life?” I felt the Lord tell me very clearly, “Feed my sheep” as he did with the Apostle Peter in John 21:17. At that moment, I knew in my heart that I had not spent a lifetime of learning without reason. It is “feeding time”, per se, a time for change from learning to teaching the wisdom I have studied over the last 40 years.

For centuries Jewish Rabbis, Kabbalists, and a few restricted theologians and philosophers around the world have truly been able to understand the deep mysteries within the teachings of Jesus. Why is that? Simply because most people are not taught who Jesus really was, his family history, or where his messages originated. When we learn these keys, we begin to understand the deep mysteries. With numerous diplomas and degrees under my belt, I have decided over the coming years to unravel these mysteries for you, starting with ‘The Power of  the Lord’s Prayer’. These message are subject to copyright, however they may be freely used for academic purposes or for the pulpit, subject to citing Rev. Dr. Peter D. Matthews as the author.

At the moment, I am busy trying to finish my academic works that I started 15 years ago, so check back again shortly if you have read and watched all of them, because I will have a new video series coming soon. Once my book series is, complete, I hope to produce more. Below is my latest video resources, and followed by written messages.

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