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Attack of the Ferals

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Placing himself between the blood-dripping fangs of a feral dog and an innocent calf might not have been the best idea, as the faintest scent of blood can draw all manner of predators. This scandalous true story exhibits the injustice in the Queensland justice system and one man’s desperate fight for honesty, integrity, justice, and even more critically – his own survival. They took everything he had: his wealth, his health, his reputation, and they almost took his life. Dr Matthews speaks out on the systemic failure of Queensland Police Service ethics, and his determination for honour and decency that set a legal precedent for all firearm owners around the country.

Self published on 6 August 2015

Revision 1, 13 September 2015

Copyright © 2014-15 inclusive Dr Peter D Matthews

All rights reserved. The moral right of the author has been asserted.

Categories: Biography & Autobiography, True Crime, and Criminal Law: Ethics & Professional Responsibility.

Paperback Edition ISBN 978-0-9922857-4-6

EPUB version ISBN 978-0-9922857-5-3

Mobipocket version ISBN 978-0-9922857-6-0

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