Remember His Covenant Through the Hard Times!

  In my recent message of 16 August 2018, I called for the people of Australia, particularly politicians, to repent of rebellion to break the drought. Since the 16 August 2018, we have had a Shakespearean drama unfolding in Australian Parliament with spills, twists and turns, and now we have a new Prime Minister of… Read more »

Repent of Rebellion to Break the Drought!

  Australia has been hit hard by drought in 2018. Farmers across rural Australia have been hand feeding large bales of sorghum, lucerne, millet, rhodes grass and bulka bags of grain by the tonne for months, coupled with molasses and lick blocks trying to keep their cattle in good condition through this drought. Some of… Read more »

Were the Bassanos Blackamoors, Black Jews, or tanned Italian-Spaniards?

To download a pdf copy of this paper, please click here: PAPER V2 – Were the Bassanos Blackamoors, Black Jews, or tanned Italian-Spaniards   Introduction The reason for writing this paper was to prove or repudiate claims that Emilia Bassano and other Bassano descendants were “black”, at the request of Katrina Langford (alias Katrina Brown) who… Read more »

Once Upon A Time, We Had Freedom…

Peter Matthews some years ago at an IPSC Pistol Range before he was disabled CBS News in the United States conducted a new poll that shows, “nearly two-thirds of Americans support stricter laws on gun sales” yet it has been their constitutional right to buy, own, and bear arms under the Second Amendment since 1791…. Read more »

Breakfast at Restaurant Terrazza Danieli (Part 2)

There is something mystical about waking up in Venice overlooking the Grand Canal…centuries of secrets hidden away in the crusted walls of this wonderful timeless city are begging to be discovered. Built long before Roman occupation, Venice is the ultimate floating city, constructed upon timber poles somehow rammed into the seabed centuries before pile drivers… Read more »

Horror in Paradise (Part 1)

Most of my friends and followers know of my love of Italy, particularly Venice and the wondrous painted city of Bassano del Grappa to the north. Until now, only my close friends and family know I have struggled with major health issues over the past few years. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two and… Read more »

The Bassanos: Jewish Guardians of the Ancient Arts

To download a copy of this academic paper in pdf format, please click here: PAPER v2 – The Bassanos – Jewish Guardians of the Ancient Arts   The Bassanos Jewish Guardians of the Ancient Arts Dr Peter D Matthews   For centuries scholars have grappled with the fact that many of the Shakespearean characters are members… Read more »

Earliest Version of ‘As You Like It’ may have been Venetian

  As You Like It is was what we call a ‘pastoral comedy’, which means it involves traipsing around the countryside doing As You Like.  The title is an English expression of a Hebrew saying in relation to time and freedom in seizing the moment. The Hebrew word זְמָן (zeman) means ‘appointed time’ from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 as follows:… Read more »

Release of Volume 1 – ‘Genesis of the Shakespearean Works’

  The time has finally come! Volume 1 of ‘Genesis of the Shakespearean Works’ was officially released to printers today. Over the coming weeks it will be distributed to bookshops around the world. This massive academic work has taken me 14 fourteen years research. What a mammoth undertaking – I never thought I had it… Read more »

The Tinworths of Ballarat: A True Rags to Riches Story

To download a copy of this research paper in pdf format, please click here: The Tinworths – A True Rags to Riches Story The Tinworths of Ballarat A True Rags to Riches Story Prepared for BBC Television Program “Who do You Think You Are?” by Dr Peter D Matthews If democracy means opposition to a tyrannical press,… Read more »

  • Bassano’s 1710 Performance Invoking Angels Sparked Revival

    To download a pdf copy of this article, click here: PAPER – Bassano’s 1710 Performance Invoking Angels Sparked Revival     During my time in Venice, I meandered through the ancient streets, carefully scanning the architecture. I came across the above coat-of-arms on the wall of a multi-storey brick building in the Spanish part of the… Read more »

  • The ‘Early Plays’ of Shakespeare?

    To download a copy of this academic paper in pdf format, please click here: PAPER – The ‘Early Plays’ of Shakespeare The ‘Early Plays’ of Shakespeare? Dr Peter D Matthews   “All the rest of Shakespeare’s vast history, as furnished by the biographers, is built up, course upon course, of guesses, inferences, theories, conjectures — an… Read more »

  • Aemilia, Amelia or Emilia?

    I have seen so many books in recent years citing Emilia Bassano-Lanier as “Aemilia” and “Amelia”, instead of “Emilia”. But, why so many different versions? I suggest, it is because scholars did not take sufficient time to establish the correct spelling. Yet, it is so easy! The name “Emillia Baptist” is recorded in her Christening… Read more »

  • Buy online from publisher

      All of my books published through Bassano Publishing House are available through the publisher’s online store at Don’t wait for them go live through other media outlets; instead order them direct and get your copy quicker. Ebooks can be downloaded immediately upon purchase and print copies will be sent with 48 hours of… Read more »

  • The man has passed: William Leonard Dalton, but his family legacy lives on!

      I was so sad to hear William Leonard Dalton (pictured left) passed away at the age of 94 in September 2015. I am not a man who breaks down into tears, but I must admit, I shed a tear when I heard Bill (as I fondly called him) had passed away. Bill was a storyteller,… Read more »

  • Hamlet forensically dated in 1558

    I have found documents that forensically date the first performance of Hamlet in 1558, six years before William Shakespeare was born. Soon you can discover these facts in ‘Genesis of the Shakespearean Works’ due to be released in early 2016. The philosophical background and the character of Yorick explained like never before.

  • In Search of Antonio Bassano’s 1544 Sefer ha-Refu’ot (Book of Remedies)

    To download a copy of this academic paper in pdf format, please click here: PAPER -Antonio Bassano’s 1544 Serfer ha-Refu’ot (Book of Remedies)   After publishing ‘Shakespeare Exhumed: The Bassano Chronicles’ I was contacted by a descendant of Antonio Bassano. He told me he had a book that would be of interest to me. I did… Read more »

  • ‘Attack of the Ferals’ released

    The release date has finally come. Although I wrote this book over a year ago, I could not release it until I received a final reply from the Crime and Misconduct Commission, otherwise a crucial piece of evidence would have been overlooked. ‘Attack of the Ferals’ has been the most challenging book I have ever… Read more »

  • Genesis of the Shakespearean Works

    I’m excited to see the first draft cover of Genesis of the Shakespearean Works. What do you think of my Shakespearean lookalike?   His features are strikingly similar to the 1623 sketch of William Shakespeare:                             Whilst he is not a descendant… Read more »

  • Leather Cover of the Bodleian First Folio

    To download a copy of this academic paper in pdf format, please click here: PAPER – Leather Cover of the Bodleian First Folio   In August of 2012 a group of conservators named Sabina Pugh, Julie Sommerfeldt, Arthur Green, Vanessa Redgrave, Thelma Holt, Andrew Honey, and Nicole Gilroy examined and repaired the tattered First Folio in… Read more »