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For centuries Jewish Rabbis, Kabbalists, and a few restricted theologians and philosophers around the world have truly been able to understand the teachings of Jesus. Why is that? Simply because most people are not taught the true nature of Jesus, and the real teaching behind his messages. With twenty-five years of study under my belt, and numerous diplomas and degrees, I have decided over the coming years to unravel these mysteries for you, starting with ‘Who Threw the First Stone’. These message are subject to copyright, however they may be freely used for academic purposes or for the pulpit, subject to citing Rev. Dr. Peter D. Matthews as the author:

‘Just Men and Women’ Understand the Nature of God


The ‘Just Men’ of England Live On


The ‘Just Women’ in this New Era


The ‘Just’ Men and Women Must Stand and Let Their Light Shine


The ‘Just Men’ Need a Heart That Listens to God


We Have Entered a New Prophetic Era


The ‘Just Men’ Must Stand – I See Everything!


The Power of The Lord’s Prayer


The People Pay the Price of Civic Leaders Sins

Saturday 10 August 2019

I discuss the story of King David murdering one of his thirty-seven Mighty Men, Uriah the Hittite, and taking Bathsheba as his wife in 2 Samuel.

To Kick Against the Goads

Tuesday 4 June 2019

I discuss the blessing upon the servant of God and gathering in His name, versus those who would rise up against the men and women of God. What does kicking against the goads really mean from its Aramaic origin?

Matt 5:11-12, Psalms 37:23-26, Romans 8:35-39, Matt 18:19-20, Acts 9:5, 26:14, 4 Maccabees 14:19, Pindar, Pythian 2:173.

Who Threw The First Stone?

Sunday, 3 March 2019

The woman caught in the act of adultery, where the Pharisee tried to entrap Jesus. The parable of ‘Who Threw the First Stone’ in creation.

John 8:1-8, Acts 24:5, Psalm 104:1-5, 48:1-3, Zohar 1:16(a).

How to Break the Drought?

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

2 Chronicles 7:13-15, Amos 4:7, Psalm 68:1-10.

Christian pastors are calling their congregations to prayer in the hope of drought-breaking rain to save our farmers from ruin. The Mayor of Darling Downs Regional Council, Paul Antonio, during his monthly meeting with five church pastors set aside “A Day of Prayer for Rain” held on 1 July 2018. Yet, there has not been any significant rainfall since that time. Droughts and dearths that have occurred countless times throughout recorded history. It has been suggested that a 300-year drought was the downfall of ancient Greece, the old kingdoms of the Akkadian empire  in Syria and Egypt, and let’s not forget the Mayan civilization which is believed to have been abandoned in the 9th or early 10th century due to drought. Why did these civilizations perish? Why were they in drought? Why are we facing the greatest drought (possibly dearth) in our living memory and how can we break the drought? I believe I can answer that very simple question.